We serve and inspire others to keep moving forward. God, Family, Resilience, Strength, Leadership and Respect - our core values that we live by in the Pacific summed up in one word: MEASTRONG.


We are a Lifestyle & Performance Brand creating modern style apparel inspired by our Polynesian Heritage.  Our logo represents the Samoan Tuamafa Bird - an old and wise pigeon that flies where it will adapting to its environment and others will follow, it is the Leader of the Flock.

MEASTRONG (pronounced; meh-ah strong) is a colloquial saying in the Samoan language describing a person with strength, resilience, humility and respect.  It is a combination of virtuous characteristics describing the individual who doesn't let adversity define them, who has the belief in oneself to keep going despite the obstacles and setbacks, who serves and inspires others to keep moving forward - doing what is necessary to get back on course turning failure into success all the while remaining humble, resilient and not losing sight of the bigger picture.

These are the core values we live by in the Pacific summed up in one word - MEASTRONG.

Our brand embodies our Polynesian Cultural Values -  God, Family, Resilience, Humility, Strength, Leadership and Respect, and we want to share a piece of our Culture with you.  Wear it and be empowered!

Be the Leader of the Tribe.

- The MEASTRONG Team -

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